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Important Petition From Esmokers of the US

Posted on 26th Mar 2009 @ 8:11 PM

Tobacco products have killed millions in the world and smokers find it hard to give it up even now. Smokers have found a solution that is saving lives yet we are at risk of losing our lifeline. We are requesting that the powers that be at the FDA allow us to continue to use and purchase these nicotine delivery devices at our own discretion while further testing commences from the FDA. If you ban these devices millions will return to tobacco products  which would be a guaranteed death sentence for many. 

With the harm that is well known with tobacco what more could it hurt us to just allow us to help ourselves for the time being with these devices many of us have been using for years. We just want to be heard and want you to give this device its fair hearing.

Please sign the petition here.